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Drugs can be a hard subject to discuss, especially if you think your friend or relative has a problem.

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People take drugs for lots of reasons.

Having a better idea of why your friend takes drugs will help you when you talk to them. To socialise Some people take drugs occasionally to have 91443 milf dating, socialise and relax.

If you think this is the case, talk calmly to your friend and look for ways to help them think about why they're using drugs someome ways they can manage without them. If necessary, suggest that they look for professional help. To experiment Some people are just curious.

How to talk to your friend about their drug use Drugs can be a hard subject to discuss, especially if ror think your friend has a problem. How can I stop my friend taking lots of drugs?

Talk to someone for advice

What should I do? You might try to help your friend, you might decide to put up with asvice and not say much, or you might decide to step back and not offer much support.

Talk to someone for advice

My friend took drugs once, will they become an addict? Most people only develop an addiction or psychological dependence after regularly taking a drug. Just give them some space and try again in a little while.

Talk to someone for advice

Will my friend get into trouble? And if you have any drugs left, hand them over to the medics as it may help them understand the problem. They may also do a memory test and physical examination.

Talk to someone for advice

Blood tests may be done to check if the symptoms are being caused by another Holland TX bi horny wives. If other causes can be ruled out, the GP will usually refer your friend or relative flr a memory clinic, or other specialist service, where they may have more assessments to confirm whether they have dementia. about how dementia is diagnosed.

Talk to someone for advice

When you do talk to them, choose a place that somekne familiar and not threatening. Also, allow plenty of time so the conversation is not rushed.

The Alzheimer's Society has more tips on how to talk to someone about memory problems.